Brazzers Review

Review Last Updated: January 1, 2017

If you’re interested in signing up for, keep reading our new and updated Brazzers review below. We just finished a 2-week testing period and our review below gives you a detailed summary of Brazzers Network, site stats, membership trial, and some warning about Brazzers billing practices.

Brazzers is a huge network and one of the most established porn sites but everyone has a specific taste so read our review of Brazzers Network before signing up for a membership.

Some issues we faced with Brazzers!

We contacted Brazzers (on January 30, 2016) about some of the issues we experienced with their site during our testing period and we are still waiting to hear back from their support team. Once we get an accurate response about the issues we experienced with their site navigation, billing, and downloading, we will update this Brazzers Network review.

Update: Good news! We got a response from one of the support team managers and they were very helpful in getting our concerns taken care of. If you experience any issues with them, send us a message and we’ll see if we can help. Score
  • Quality of Content - 10/10
  • Site Usability - 9/10
  • Updates - 10/10
  • Amount of Content - 9/10
  • Value for Price - 10/10

Review Summary

Brazzers isn't for everyone but after trying out hundreds of porn sites, it's hard to find too many flaws. Brazzers has put together a well-established network of high quality sites that are regularly updated and kept fresh! If you're on the fence, use the $1 trial we got from them to tour their site for 2 days and see for yourself (just make sure to cancel the trial before the second day to avoid being billed for a monthly membership).


Discount & Trial

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Exclusive Brazzers Network membership trial: $1 for 2 days

Being something of a connoisseur of porn, let’s face it, who above the age of 25 isn’t, I was a little surprised when it was suggested I join the Brazzers Network and pay a small fee, $5 per month, to watch something I can get for free.

Being a life-long fan of wanking to porn, listening to endless stories of my mates wank fests saw me cave in to his suggestion quite quickly, anything to shut him up and it turns out that free porn, even counting the Brazzers scenes I had already seen, just doesn’t compare to the wonderful world of huge bouncing tits, hard core ass action and cum squirting sluts that make up the Brazzers world.

Top Brazzers Network Models

Here are just a few of the ZZ models who are most voted by users.

Brazzers Network Pornstars

I started out with a 2 day trial for the bargain price of $1 (you can also get this brazzers trial), fully expecting it to be limited to a few sites, just to give me a glimpse of what a full member gets. I was wrong! AGAIN! From the first click of my mouse button I was exposed to a world of beautiful women, huge, envy inducing cocks and some hard core fucking on a level of quality I didn’t expect. I gained full access to every one of the 31 sites available to a full Brazzers member, and I got free access to their monthly live sex show. But that’s not the best part of being a member. It’s the quality of the scenes, (most of them are filmed in full 1080 HD) and the stars that got me hooked.

There isn’t one star that is a used up, over fucked has been, even the MILF’s are hot as fuck and the tits and asses are out of this world, there is no fake acting, these guys and girls really love their jobs and it comes over loud and clear in every one of the videos I have seen so far. I even downloaded a few, (for free), to re-watch so I could criticise the performances but I failed to find anything wrong with them and spent a happy few hours getting myself in a cum covered mess. This is real fucking. Yes, most of the movies are scripted to a certain degree, but the stars are genuinely getting off on it.

Being the porn addict that I am, I didn’t think there would be much that could really get me worked up but I confess that my wife’s clothes didn’t stay on too long when she got home, I was more than ready to dip my cock into her wet pussy while fantasizing that I was the male star in ‘Living With a Girl is Rough’ and my wife was the smart mouthed slut, Abigail Mac, who never stopped bitching. Which is just as well because with over 7000 scenes at my disposal, starring over 2000 of the best porn stars on the planet, I plan to spend a lot of time looking for new ideas to spice up my own sex life, and luckily for the Mrs, there is plenty of material for me to work with.


I didn’t even wait out the trial period, within less than 24 hours I had signed up to an annual membership, which was super quick and gave me a few options for payment. There is a choice of annual, quarterly or monthly memberships, all providing full access and with a discreet billing policy so no adult references will show on my statements, and a choice of ways to pay covering everything from bank payments, credit card and even paypal.

Being a fully paid up member, I set out on a voyage of discovery with a plan to work my way through all 31 sites and the full set of 28 different porn categories. The first problem I discovered was that I didn’t want to leave my computer to go to work. That problem was soon overcome with the discovery of the free android app and optimized tablet and mobile access. (You can watch on a PS3 too) My lunch hour is now spent eating my food in 5 minutes and then making a mad dash to the rest room where the following 50 minutes see me staring at my mobile phone and banging one, (or three) out before grabbing a coffee to drink on the go.

Review of Brazzers Network

Exclusive Brazzers Network membership trial: $1 for 2 days

I must confess that my work is suffering due to Brazzers Big Tits at Work, which has 485 scenes, and similar work related sites putting ideas, and fantasies, into my head. I can no longer look at the girls in my office without imagining them naked and violated in the dirtiest way.

My current favorite work scene is ‘Special Assistant to Ms Cumz’ which see’s the gorgeous brunette, Casey Cumz playing the boss’s daughter and she takes full advantage her powerful position and her assistants throbbing cock and wicked tongue.  Feeling horny she spreads her legs and demands the overworked Bill Bailey gets down on his knees and eats her hot, moist pussy. She is surprised by his skills and after cumming all over his face she rewards him with a seriously messy blowjob, but this bitch is hard to please and she wants more. Climbing onto her desk she spreads her ass cheeks and gets an ass pounding to remember. Network Reviews 2016

Real Wife Stories is another great Brazzers Network site that will get your dick pumping. There are currently 409 scenes to work your way through but as Brazzers is constantly uploading new content, there is always something new on the network to keep you entertained.

Membership of the Brazzers Network provides you with unlimited streaming and downloads and every scene on the Brazzers sites can be downloaded for free, either as a full film or, to accommodate mobile and tablet storage, as mini video clips. And that’s not all, all the scenes come complete with their own photo set which can be downloaded, again for free. The photo sets are usually quite large, containing around 300 pictures each mostly, so they are downloaded as a zip file. The photos are not the best quality when viewed online but once downloaded they are perfect and will satisfy all your wanking needs.

Brazzers brings your porn stars to life with their fun filled fact pages where you can get to know your favorite girls or guys a little better and learn all the intimate details you really want to know about them.

Brazzers Network Porn Scene

Exclusive Brazzers Network membership trial: $1 for 2 days

The live shows are the best I have seen and Brazzers has made them interactive with all members being asked to vote on what you want to see the stars do next. I took full advantage of the new chat room to drum up support for my choices. All the previous live shows are available for online viewing or download too.

The Brazzers Network set up is really simple to navigate. You enter the sites home page and everything is laid out for you with just a click of your mouse. You can choose from a drop down menu of the sites and categories, then simply click on the scenes you want to view or download.

Whatever you are looking for you will find it here, from Big Tits, Teens & MILF’s, Anal Sex, Cum Shots & Gang Bangs, Rough Sex, Humiliation, Face Fucking, Tit Wanking and anything else you twitching cock or dribbling pussy is hungry for. There is Asian, Latino, Inter-racial, Lesbians, Huge Dicks and plenty of cumming, I guarantee, you will not be disappointed.

Pornstar from

If you need a break from the staged scenes check out Day With a Porn Star where the camera follows your favorite stars enjoying their time away from work. This is where life really gets fun because it turns out the dirty sluts take their work home with them. Watch how a catch up with girl pals can turn into an orgy of lesbian fun or how a quiet pool party transforms into a free for all with plenty of girl on girl action, fisting, face fucking and hard core pussy pounding with some of the biggest cocks you can imagine, all leading to a delicious mess of cum covered tits and dribbling pussies.

For more unscripted fun, take a trip behind the scenes with the Brazzers Backstage Pass. This is an opportunity for you to see how your favorite stars get themselves in the mood ready for when the cameras roll. Fortunately, the camera crew are always ready for filming and the warm ups are just as hot as the on screen action as the princesses of porn demand to have their pussies licked and asses fucked in preparation for their working day. These horny little bitches just can’t get enough and when there is no men around to ride they are more than happy to turn to each other for some finger fucking fun.

I truly believed I had seen it all and there was little pleasure left for me in porn but the Brazzers Network has re-ignited my passion for hot, dirty, sticky fun and, thanks to the on screen antics and my wild imagination, it has given my real sex life just as big a boost as my virtual one.

Review of Brazzers Network: Final thoughts!

In conclusion, comes highly recommended based on my personal experience. If you think my review of Brazzers Network is overly positive or negative, just leave a comment and let me know if you had a different experience!

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